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Attract Backyard Birds With a Solar Fountain Birdbath

Wild birds always appreciate when you put food out for them especially at times of the year when their food sources are scarce and they will return time and time again to your garden if they know there is food there for them. But what birds enjoy more than anything is splashing around in water and by installing a solar water fountain birdbath in your backyard you will attract more and more varieties of wild birds to visit you.

As solar fountains run on the Sun's energy they are very simple to install and free to run. There is also the added advantage that because they do not need to be sited close to an electrical power source you can locate one anywhere you like on your property.

There are a large range of solar birdbath fountains on the market today and you are sure to be able to find one to suit your outdoor space and also your budget. There are the classic two-tier fountain designs in re-constituted stone to look like the antique water features you would find in an old country house garden.

Then there are the more modern designs in metal; copper or black iron, which look wonderful when the sun shines on them, or in a bronze or verdigris finish. There are also ceramic solar fountains in the form of large bowls which tend to be close to the ground and so are not suitable for birds if you or your neighbors have a cat or if there are any other predators around.

Most of the solar fountains which are specifically designed as birdbaths offer a shallow bowl on a raised pedestal which is the perfect design for birds. Situating one close to your bird table but also where you can see it from your window will enable you to watch your feathered visitors who will no doubt be calling every day to enjoy the facilities.

The perfect situation for your fountain will be in a clear area of your backyard and not underneath any overhanging trees. This is not only because the solar panel in the fountain needs to be exposed to sunlight for the water pump to function, but also any falling leaves could block up the fountain or cover the solar panel and stop it working efficiently. It is a good idea to check your birdbath every few days to make sure it is functioning correctly and has not accumulated any debris.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Top 2 Hotels For Your Las Vegas Vacation

Las Vegas is a top travel destination for tourists from across the country and around the world. There is so much to do on a Vegas trip, and so many wonderful places to stay. Las Vegas hotels are second to none in the world in their luxuriously appointed suites, plethora of amenities and gold star service. What's more, since many hotels are also hotels and casinos in one, and offer a multitude of attractions inside the hotel, you may find yourself not wanting to venture past your hotel's gates in order to have the time of your life in Vegas. Let's look at the top two choices for Las Vegas vacationers when it comes to choosing a hotel.

Along the Las Vegas strip, which is also officially known as Las Vegas Boulevard, you will find one of the most easily recognizable structures in the entire city, the Luxor Hotel. The Luxor is housed inside a bronze pyramid with a colorful sphinx at its entrance. The Luxor hotel was designed to be ¾ the size of the Great Pyramid located at Giza, and everything about the Luxor screams Egypt - including its décor. You'll live like a king at the Luxor, and when playing in the Luxor casino, you'll be sitting beneath the world's largest open atrium. A 120,000 square foot casino has all of the most popular Vegas games, like baccarat, roulette, blackjack, craps, and more - and there is also a poker room, Race and Sportsbook room, and a lounge in the casino. When you walk into the lobby of the Luxor, you will be in the midst of a grand recreation of the temple at Abu Simbel, including the four colossal statues of the seated ruler, Ramses. Guest rooms and suites at the Luxor are suspended into the open atrium of the great pyramid, and have sloping walls and balconies. The Luxor is also home to the world famous Oasis Spa, which is open for your convenience twenty-four hours a day, and offer ancient Egyptian inspired beauty treatments, like aloe wraps and sea salt exfoliation. The Luxor has a grand swimming pool that offers magnificent views of the pyramid amidst swaying palms. You can find all of the entertainment that you can imagine on site at the Luxor, including Nefertiti's Lounge, the Giza Galleria shopping area, and an IMAX Theater. Restaurants on the site serve up gourmet meals; stop by the Isis for continental cuisine, the Papyrus for Asian delights, Hamada for Japanese offerings, and La Salsa, for Tex Mex. You'll also find seafood at the Sacred Sea, a grand feast at the Pharaoh's Pheast Buffet, and a world class steak house. A stay at the Luxor is the perfect backdrop for your Vegas trip.

Just as luxurious as the Luxor is the MGM Grand, this is by no means a second-runner up when it comes to choosing the best hotel for your Vegas trip. The MGM Grand is well known for its forty-five foot tall, fifty ton lion statue of bronze that is located at its entrance, and is where you will find the more than 17,000 seat venue known as the Grand Garden arena, which has played host to many special events from championship boxing matches to huge concerts. The casino at the MGM is a baffling 170,000 plus square feet, which is the length of 4 football fields, and offers sports booking, craps, roulette, baccarat, blackjack and more. MGM grand also offers a plethora of options for relaxing. The pool complex at the MGM Grand measures a mind-blowing six plus acres, features multiple swimming pools, three whirlpools, waterfalls, fountains, bridges and more. The MGM Grand also offer world class spa service at the Grand Spa and Fitness Center, which offers Las Vegas tourists the ultimate in pampering. This 30,000 square foot facility has thirty treatment rooms and offers everything from signature treatments to massages and body wraps. There are over 5,000 guest rooms at the MGM grand, which are located in four towers of thirty-stories each, rising 280 feet into the skyline. There are also private villas and grand class suites for those high rollers who want something a bit more luxurious. The legendary Studio 54 at the MGM grand is one of Vegas' hottest night clubs and features four dance floors and a VIP area for invited guests. You'll never go hungry if you stay at the MGM Grand for your Vegas trip, as there are a huge number of restaurants to choose from, like Nobhill, which serves classic dishes, Craftsteak, serving American food a la carte, and Emeril's New Orleans Fish House -serving the world's finest seafood.

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Rosemead Gardens 2 - Home & Garden Network

If you share a passion for art, beauty, and nature, Rosemead Gardens is the place to go to bring all of your landscaping dreams to life. With Landscape Architect Richard Liu and President of Rosemead Gardens Mary Liu, you can turn an ordinary backyard into a tranquil getaway, a garden of eclectic stones and statues, or the perfect setting for entertaining guests. We welcome all inquiries, whether you're just starting out with an idea or looking for that perfect sculpture to complete your project. Please stop by today to see what 40 years of landscaping experience can do for you! We are conveniently located at: 600 S. San Gabriel Blvd. San Gabriel, CA 91776 P 626-285-6767 F 626-285-6733 E Hours: 10am - 5pm Wednesday - Monday Closed Tuesdays & Holidays ******As seen on the Home & Garden Network******

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Caring For Your Wrought Iron Railings

Porch or veranda railings that are made with wrought iron can be stronger and also last longer than their wood counterparts. They won't require refinishing or painting as regularly as wood and a bit of rust proofing will go a long way to keep them looking great for many years. A little bit of proactive effort on your part with your wrought iron railings can help to inhibit corrosion as well as rust and can extend the life of your railings. That little bit of maintenance can go a long way in extending the life of your outdoor wrought iron. It needs to look good and be stable and solid in order to be worth having. Good looking iron rails can even increase the value of your property.

How can you keep your outdoor wrought iron rust free and looking good?

Rust can happen quickly. Exposure to elements can make it more likely, especially if your climate is wet. But, by taking a little time and effort, your wrought iron rails and outdoor iron furniture such as arbors, gates or patio furniture can stay looking gorgeous. Clean it regularly with soap and water when it can dry in the sun or hand dry it. You can also lightly clean off small amounts of new rust with a soft brush, sand paper or mild cleaning product designed for this purpose being careful not to scratch the surface. You can also paint with special rust proof or covering paint.

Different finishes and different areas will determine how much maintenance is required but minimal maintenance can go a long way in preserving the life of your railings.

Neglect can lead to corrosion and rust. Examples of neglect include leaving furniture wet such as in puddles or near storm drains where constant run off of water lands on areas of wrought iron. Regular cleaning and applying a product that's designed to protect your wrought iron from rust and corrosion can help you reduce the chances of corrosion significantly.

What if it's already happened?

Sometimes, corrosion can be inevitable and require intensive restoration. Perhaps the coating or paint you have used has a limited Other times, a bit of neglect can rapidly deteriorate the stability of your railings and professional help might need to be sought out in order to correct the problem. Your safety is as important as the look of your railing so stability is critical. Regular examination can help you keep your iron in good form.

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Kami and I finally found Charlotte's giant metal head. I thought it was quite impressive. It makes very little noise when in motion. My apologies for the sound track it was late and the wine had been flowing at a brisk pace, but I decided to leave it flubs in all. Enjoy !--- Below is copied from press release via After months of anticipation, David Cernys Metalmorphosis was unveiled at a ceremony celebrating the grand opening of American Asset Corporations 3701 Whitehall Corporate Center. Several dignitaries from the Czech Republic were in attendance, including the Czech Foreign Minister, Karel Schwarzenberg; the Czech Ambassador to the United States, His Excellency Petr Kolar; and the Czech Ambassador to the United Nations, His Excellency Martin Palous. David ern says of Metalmorphosis, his first permanent public installation in the United States, I was thinking about doing something as a centerpiece. I knew I wanted to employ water from the beginning. The sculpture, which stands 25 feet tall and was fabricated from approximately 14 tons of stainless steel, is in the shape of a human head, with water flowing from its mouth into a large fountain at its base. The structure is comprised of seven separate layers that rotate intermittently, dissecting the sculptures features. Custom-written programs control motors embedded within the structure to orchestrate choreographed sequences. Every motor has a feedback switch so the computer knows where each piece ...

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Bronze lady with conch shell fountain. We adjust the water pressure from High to low to demonstrate how larger pumps can adjust water flow. This item does not include a pump or basin.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Classic 3-Tier Bronze Fountain

Buy it here: Classical 3-tier fountain. Relax outdoors with the soothing sound of splashing water. 19" dia. x 35"H. Polyresin with bronze-colored finish. Includes pump. Assembly required. Limited warranty.

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PHIL 1021 Team Themis

The story of Perseus (PLEASE READ) (don't know why its pixelized so here is the layout so you know what the words are) Slide 1: In the land of Greece, There was a man by the name of Perseus. This is his story. Slide 2: The Oracle of Delphi tells King Acrisius that his daughter Danae would bear a son that would eventually kill him. Slide 3: Having heard this, King Acrisius exiled his daughter to a life in a bronze tower to prevent her from bearing this preordained child. Slide 4: Zues, seeing this wonderful beauty, came to her in a shower of golden rain while she slept, impregnated Danae who in turn gave birth to Perseus. Slide 5: When King Acrisius finds that Danae has had a child, he immediate orders that they are both locked in a chest and thrown out to sea. They eventually arrive on the shores of Seriphos, ruled by Ploydectes, where they continue their life. Slide 6: Polydectes, wishing to force Danae to be his wife but unable because of Perseus presence, Sends Perseus on what seems to be an impossible suicidal mission. Slide 7: The hunt for Medusa Slide 8: Before departure, Perseus prays to Athena in one of her temples throughout the night. She appears to him and presents him with gifts of a reflective shield and Hermes winged sandals. Slide 8-9: Athena then advises that he seek out the fountain nymphs to receive necessary gifts in order to complete his mission. Slide 9-10: They then send Perseus on to The Fates for direction to Medusas lair. In order to get this ...

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Arequipa Central Plaza at Night - Arequipa - Peru

Surrounded by the Cathedral church and 3 portals (Cabildo, Delicias, and Regocijo), the plaza shows a bronze fountain of 3 coronated plates with the figure of the "Tuturutu"; whom, according to legend, gave the news blowing his horn (August 2007).

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Union Square (New York City)

Union Square (New York City) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search For the subway station underneath the square, see 14th StreetUnion Square (New York City Subway). Union Square US National Register of Historic Places US National Historic Landmark The south (downtown) end of Union Square Location: New York, NY Built/Founded: 1882 (laid out c.1832)[1] Architect: Frederic Auguste Bartholdi; et al. Governing body: New York City Department of Parks and Recreation Added to NRHP: December 9, 1997[2] Designated NHL: December 9, 1997[3] NRHP Reference#: 97001678[2] Union Square in 1908 Union Square is an important and historic intersection in New York City, located where Broadway and the former Bowery Road now 4th Avenue,[4] came together in the early 19th century; its name celebrates neither the federal union nor labor unions but rather denotes the fact that "here was the union of the two principal thoroughfares of the island"[5] and the confluence of several trolley lines, as in the term "union station." Today it is bounded by 14th Street to the south, Union Square West on the west side, 17th Street on the north, and on the east Union Square East, which links together Broadway and Park Avenue South to Fourth Avenue and the continuation of Broadway. Union Square Park is under the aegis of the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation. Neighborhoods around the square are the Flatiron District to the north, Chelsea to the west, Greenwich Village ...

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Bronze Mailbox - A Sign of Distinction

There are many items in your home that make an impression but the mailbox is one that most people don't really consider. They normally just think of it as a simple receptacle for mail and will throw up any mailbox they have available, they are thinking of only function and not thinking of style. But that really isn't the case at all. Think of this, if someone is trying to find your home where to they naturally look? Your mailbox.

This is really the first impression that visitors to your home get and nothing gives a better impression than a quality built and distinguished looking bronze mailbox. These beautifully crafted mailboxes come in a wide variety of styles that are sure to enhance the design of your home. Live in a rural area? Then you will want a free standing mailbox that fits all the dimensions required by the United States Postal Service. Live in a more suburban area? Thena classically designed wall-mounted mailbox will be exactly the thing to add distinction to the front exterior of your home.

Brass mailboxes are crafted out of the finest metals and are built to withstand everything that nature can throw at them. People who have purchased them state that they are definitely well-built and are an extremely good value. You can choose from a wide variety of styles that can be crafted completely from bronze, only have bronze accents, or be burnished in other finishes. There are many different manufacturers available and each one carries a wide variety of mailboxes that will fit your budget.

The prices do vary widely, you can pay as little as $47 for a wall-mounted model by Whitehall or as much as $1200 for a multiple unit design that will give any apartment complex distinction. Whichever price range you choose and whichever design you decide on, you can rest assured that you are getting a quality product that will only add interest and value to your home.

You have invested both time and money in your home and you take pride in what you have accomplished so why would you want anything but the best? Get the quality and style that you deserve by purchasing one of these beautiful units. Quality tells and this will tell everyone that you understand the value of your home and that you are proud of what you have worked hard to acquire. Make the decision for quality.

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Why do bodies beam at creationists ? Part 17 (Made by ThunderF00t)

Part of a series of videos exposing the funny stupidity of creationists and why they deserve to be laughed at. In each case the creationist statements are shown to be outrageously stupid by even the most rudimentary knowledge of science. In this episode it is shown how little the creationists know about information, and what it does for civilization. It is also highlighted how the creationist organization The Discovery Institute has dropped the term 'intelligent design' in their latest video, where they do not utter it once. Creationists are ultimately antisocial polluters of the fountain of knowledge at the heart of our civilization. They are willing to do anything, including pissing in the fountain of knowledge itself to try to discredit the discoveries of mankind that conflict with their bronze age religions

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Buying The Right Water Pump For Your Needs Can Be A Tough Choice

The trend prevailing at present is to do-it-yourself, and one of the many tasks that needs to be done is the purchase/replacement of the water pump. So it is important to know the pertinent facts about them to enable you make a sound decision.

Firstly the price, which can range from $60 to $500 or more, depending on the quality and the features available. The capacity of the pump, ranging from 1/6 HP to 1/2 HP, too plays a big part in its pricing. As per the thumb rule, the weakest is the cheapest. The next decision you need to make is to choose between a pedestal and submersible pump. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. A submersible pump is out of sight (underwater) and therefore silent. So it is a big advantage if the basement area is used as a living room. Being away from the living quarters, it is safer if you have small children around.

Pedestal pumps while costing less, have a longer life since the submersible pump lies in water permanently and is therefore prone to developing faults. Pedestals have a life span of around 25 to 30 years while submersibles can serve for as long as 5 to 15 years only. Operating conditions vary so much that manufacturers offer only a year long limited warranty. Considering repairs, pedestals are far easier and cheaper to maintain than submersibles.

Moving to the switching apparatus, they come in different types. Automatic switches are available in mercury, floats and diaphragms. While there are other less popular types, be sure to choose one of these. Automatic switches score over manual ones in that they do not require a person to be present to start or end their operations. This prevents the catastrophe of flooding or finding the taps dry. Even if the water source dries up, a manual pump running on "dry" will burn itself, while an automatic one will switch off once the water level recedes below a certain point.

Another important factor is the pump's capacity to move water. This is actually more important than the HP and is measured in GPM - gallons per minute or GPH - gallons per hour. This is mainly dependent on the vertical "lift" measured from the bottom of the tank (where the pump rests) and the highest point of discharge. As the distance of "lift" increases, the capacity of the pump reduces accordingly. Evaluate the pump's ability to pass small solids like twigs and leaves through without clogging.

The physical make up of the pump also has an effect on the price. Parts that will not corrode or wear out fast are ideal, but they will add to the price. These include stainless steel, alloy, cast bronze and epoxy-coated cast iron housings which are preferred. Do remember to avoid sheet metal. Polypropylene and other complex plastics are used in all grades of pumps.

Consider the length of electric cord required at the time of purchase. These are normally available in multiples of 5 (up to 25 feet) but ask the store to fix a new cord if your requirements exceed this length. Extension cords should not be used with pumps.

If your budget permits, you can also buy pumps, which work on fuels other than electricity. These are useful in emergencies and natural disasters like floods and storms. This will be a back up pump and will kick into action only when the main pump is overloaded or not functioning.

The decision to have a back up or not really depends on your situation and circumstances. Whether you need it or not is influenced by many factors - the electric supply to your area, the frequency of flooding and storms, etc. if you have a well appointed home with luxury furnishings you might want to have a back up since then it will give you more than merely keeping your home water free, it will give you the peace of mind that is far more priceless.

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Wood Baker's Rack - Add Style to Your Kitchen

Is your kitchen or dining area missing that little bit of extra something to make it truly unique and a place that you are proud to show off? Are you looking for that one special design element to bring it all together and capture the feeling of warmth and hominess that you have been trying to create? If so, you should think about incorporating the use of a wood baker's rack into your décor.

Decorating with furnishings made from wood, such as a bakers rack, has always been a great way to add warmth and intimacy into any space. The warm, rich tones of this natural product bring a design element that furnishings made with other materials simply cannot accomplish. And wooden furnishings are so versatile. From simple, sleek designs to intricately hand carved, you can find a wide variety of beautiful bakers racks to complement your home's décor.

When it comes to home accessories, baker's racks have long been a favorite of consumers due to their versatility, beauty, and practicality, and the wood bakers rack stands out as a favorite. In addition to adding that special element of style, wood baker's racks are also very practical in that they can be used for extra shelving, storage space and/or as a work center. This multi-purpose nature of the baker's rack is what makes it so popular and the perfect addition for any kitchen or living space.

The ability of the baker's rack to work well with any décor is also one of the reasons that their use is so prevalent today. Wood baker's racks can be incorporated into the décor of contemporary homes, country cottages, urban dwellings, formal homes and almost any decorating style that you can dream up.

You can use wood baker's racks to bring that added element to your space or create a dramatic focal point. And there are so many styles that you are guaranteed to find one to suit your particular space, personality and décor. You can make your selection from pieces made from all types of finished wood and wrought iron, or a combination of materials. Choose from styles such as romantic, contemporary, country and classic. Or customize your decorating style with Nantucket, Florence and Normandy pieces, just to name a few.

Take for instance the Serra Baker's Rack. This contemporary rack incorporates a sleekly styled bottom complete with storage drawers and a cabinet and is fashioned using cherry finished veneers and solids. The upper portion of this gorgeous bakers rack is constructed using swirled wrought iron finished with a bronze coloring and features shelves that you can use for extra storage or to display your favorite keepsakes or collectibles.
And there are many, many more wood baker's racks to choose from that you will be sure to find the perfect accent piece for your kitchen, dining or living space.

So if you are looking for that special something to liven up your space, perhaps you should browse the large selection of wood baker's racks. You may just find exactly what you've been looking for.

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A Favorite Fountain

This beautiful memorial has the coolest fountain ever. Look at that water-spewing face! Go to for decorating videos, blogs, tips, and advice from experts.

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Wall Water Fountains - Creating a Spectacular Picture

Wall water fountains that adorn the backyard, garden, commercial and non-commercial establishments like homes, offices, malls, hospitals, etc. are typically custom-made to match the space saving feature of their location. These fountains come with variable speed recirculating pump engineered to enhance the beauty and air hovering around the place.

When you shop for a wall fountain, a myriad of choices are placed before you. These are made from copper, slate, aged bronze, fiberglass, acrylic, resin, steel and many more that suits our budget, wall, and the location we have in our mind. Depending on the dimensions of the wall and the décor of the room, the selection has to be made. If you are buying an indoor wall fountain, make sure that an electric socket is present in the immediate vicinity of the wall allocated to reduce the presence of unnecessary wiring. If the mystical charm of the trickling water is to be brought into the limelight with the aid of soft dancing lights, the reflection of water and lights flow around the room, making the whole experience enjoyable.

For a do-it-yourself wall fountain, go for those made from lightweight slate, resins, fiberglass or acrylic as they are lighter.

The wall fountains, with the sound of the flowing water, can seep their way into our minds creating a tranquil feeling, banishing every thought of worry and stress. The power of these fountains have been discovered to be much more than mere calming of the taunt mindset. The negative ions present can enhance the productivity of the people near it, making it one of the major reasons for its installation in offices. Water fountains have also been discovered to keep the air around it cleaner, encouraging a healthier well-being. Today the commercial establishments have identified the alluring power of these wall fountains in the minds of the people. The tendency of the human mind to unconsciously enjoy the falling water has led to the etching of the company logo to customize their water feature in turn, having intense capacity in promoting the business. Many contractors of wall fountains are capable of meeting this demand set forth by the business establishments, making wall fountains highly attractive.

In spite of these advantages, wall fountains call for a little effort from the part of the user for its maintenance. The water level has to be closely analyzed to prevent damages to the pump. Replenishing the water level with the distilled water can reduce the chances for the eruption of mineral deposits that makes the cleaning difficult. Using UV lights to fall on the water can prevent the presence of algae and bacteria to a greater extent.

With proper care and choosing something that accents your decor at home or work, wall water fountains can create a classy charm to your haven.

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I Love Touring Italy - Southern Calabria

If you are looking for a European tourist destination, consider the Calabria region of southern Italy on the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Ionian Sea. Calabria is the toe of the Italian boot. There are excellent tourist attractions, and you won't have to fight crowds, but you may have to fight hot, hot summers. With a little luck you'll avoid tourist traps, and come back home with the feeling that you have truly visited Italy. This article examines tourist attractions in southern Calabria. Be sure to read our companion article on northern Calabria.

We begin our tour of southern Calabria at Pizzo on the western Tyrrhenian coast. We proceed south and west along the coast to Tropea. Then we continue mostly south along the coast to the capital, Reggio di Calabria. We leave the coast to visit the Aspromonte mountains and then continue east and north to Locri on the eastern Ionian coast. We head inland to Gerace and then go and west along the coast before finishing our tour a bit inland at Stilo. As always in this part of the world directions are approximate; you have to go where the roads go.

Pizzo, population about eight thousand, is a seaport and resort situated on a steep cliff overlooking the Gulf of Santa Eufemia. Its main attractions are the Baroque Church of San Giorgio (St. George's Church) and the Castle in which the French general Murat, an ex-king of Naples, was killed in 1815 after attempting to rouse the populace against the Bourbon kings.

Tropea, population about seven thousand, is one of the most beautiful seaside towns in Calabria. It lies between the gulfs of Sant' Eufemia and Gioa overlooking the sea. And yet it is still relatively undiscovered. You'll love its untamed white sandy beaches, old houses, and ancient churches. Its Norman Cathedral has a special feature, unexploded U.S. bombs from the Second World War, each bearing a note of thanks to the Madonna. Near the main square is the medieval Santa Maria della Isola church and monastery, remodeled in Gothic style and touched up a bit after an earthquake slightly over one hundred years ago. If you fall in love with the town you may want to sign up for some Italian language classes. And don't forget the onions, the local onions are so good that Italians call red onions Cipolla di Tropea (Tropea Onion).

The city's most famous citizen, Umberto Anastasio, was born in 1902 but left for New York City about 1919. There he lived under the name Alberto Anastasia, a leader of Murder, Incorporated. He died in a hotel barbershop in a hail of bullets. Anastasia's fictionalized story was a part of the Oscar winning movie On The Waterfront.

Reggio di Calabria, population about two hundred thousand, is the oldest and largest city in Calabria. It sits at the base of a long mountain range running through the center of the region. Over the centuries the area has been subjected to multiple several earthquakes and tsunamis. Furthermore, the soil is difficult to work. The city was founded by Greek settlers in the Eighth Century B. C. and passed from one hand to another over the centuries. Interestingly enough it was home to the first dated Hebrew book, printed in 1475. The worst earthquakes were in 1783 and then in 1908 when an estimated 80% of its buildings collapsed and thousands of people were killed. It took a full generation for the city to recover.

Reggio di Calabria contains many interesting sights. We will start with arguably the most unexpected one, the Museo Nazionale della Magna Grecia (The National Museum of Greater Greece), a very important archeological museum. Make sure to see the two Bronzi di Riace (Riace Bronze) statues of bearded warriors whose origin is subject to debate among the experts. While they were discovered by an amateur scuba diver in 1972, they didn't go on display for almost ten years.

The famous poet Gabriele D'Annunzio called the Falcomatà promenade by the sea the most beautiful kilometer in Italy, and, believe me, it has a lot of competition. The old city is proud of its Greek walls; the section near the promenade dates back to the Fourth Century B.C. There are also Roman baths. Other sights include the church of Saint Gaetano Catanoso, named for the first saint from Calabria in five hundred years, and the Byzantine-Norman Chiesa degli Ottimati (Church of the Optimates) initially destroyed by the Saracens towards the end of the Sixteenth Century. Make sure to see the Venetian-style Villa Zerbi and the Pinoteco Comunale (Town Art Gallery).

The mile-high (actually more, about two kilometer-high) Aspromonte mountain range provides a real change of pace from the Calabria seacoasts. What a view. The name means "sour mountains." As you may well imagine its steep terrain and rocky soil are difficult to cultivate. You can find a ski resort at Gambarie east of Reggio di Calabria and an absolutely spectacular sanctuary Madonna di Polsi with an annual fair in late August and early September. Would you believe that some locals still speak a Greek dialect? Perhaps not surprisingly the local grape is Greco. Accompanied by some three thousand volunteers the hero of the struggle for Italian unification, Giuseppe Garibaldi, was defeated and captured in 1862 in the Battle of Aspromonte. But he had the last laugh a few years later.

Locri, population thirteen thousand, was founded about twenty-seven hundred years ago by a Greek tribe. Its famous lawmaker was the first to devise the written Greek code of law. He suggested that whoever proposed changing a law should do so with a noose about his or her neck, and be hanged if the amendment failed to pass. Talk about a sense of justice. The original city was abandoned in the Fifth Century and later destroyed. You can see some of the city walls and ruins of a Greek theater.

Gerace, population three thousand, sits on a hill composed of sixty-million-year old fossils from the sea. The site has probably been populated for about ten thousand years. Believe it or not, this little town once contained more than one hundred twenty churches. Among those remaining churches are the Norman Cathedral, the largest church in Calabria includes the Eleventh Century Prison of the Five Martyrs of Gerace, the Thirteenth Century Church of St. Francis with a beautiful Baroque altar, and the Tenth Century San Giovannello (Little St. John). You'll enjoy Gerace's medieval town and the remains of an old castle, probably dating from the Tenth Century.

Stilo, population three thousand, was founded by the Greeks. In 1940 the area was the site of the Battle of Calabria, also called the Battle of Punta Stilo, one of the biggest naval encounters of World War II. The Italian navy and the combined forces of the British and Australian navies both claimed victory but the battle was considered to be a draw.

This town's most impressive sight is the Ninth Century Byzantine Cattolica di Stilo which is really beautiful inside and out. Other churches include the Cathedral, the Church of San Domenico, and the Church of San Nicola da Tolentino. And don't forget to see the Norman Castle and the Fountain of the Dolphins.

What about food? There's lots of it in Calabria. Reggio di Calabria 's best gelateria, Tonino in the Corso, makes a red onion ice cream (as well as others based on squid ink and nduja, the local spicy salami). Let's suggest a sample menu, one of many. Start with Spaghetti al Ragù di Totano (Spaghetti with Squid and Tomato Sauce). Then try Cinghiale all'aspromonte (Wild boar Aspromonte style). For dessert indulge yourself with Passulate (Spicy Nut and Sultana Biscuits.) Be sure to increase your dining pleasure by including local wines with your meal.

We'll conclude with a quick look at Calabria wine. Calabria devotes about sixty thousand acres to grapevines; it ranks 13th among the 20 Italian regions for the acreage devoted to wine grapes. About 91% of its wine is red or rosé, leaving 9% for white. The region produces twelve DOC wines. DOC stands for Denominazione di Origine Controllata, which may be translated as Denomination of Controlled Origin, presumably a high-quality wine. Only 2.4% of Calabria wine carries the DOC designation.

Most Calabria wine comes from the northern part of the region. If you can find it, you should try the sweet Greco di Bianco DOC wine grown from a southern Calabria version of the Greco grape, and the similar non-DOC Greco di Gerace.

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Make Your Events Memorable With Disney's Magic Kingdom & Disney Quest

Have a tremendous experience at Disney Quest with its various entertaining games which will be a good medium for time pass. The high-tech games are the major attractions of Disney Quest. All the branded names of world famous video games are here. Kids find very interesting to play. However, it is also the place for adult and old people. Different zones of games depict its unique specialty. Get the Disney Quest Tickets and have the 3D experiences with your kids and family. Such an indoor theme park of Orlando is crowded by the visitors all the year round. It may be sunny or rainy season, Disney Quest hosts several guests.

The breathtaking experiences like Aladdin's Magic Carpet Ride, Jungle Cruise, Mighty Ducks pinball Slam, the Pirates of the Caribbean will drive you to the state of illusion and fantasy. Indulge yourself completely to have a great pastime during your visit to Orlando.

The mouth watery dishes are also the specialty of this place. The food venues like Wonderful Cafe and Food Quest are the prime attractions.

When we talk about Walt Disney World Resort, the first thing that strikes our mind is Magic Kingdom Tickets. At the entrance the enchanting Cinderella's Castle is nice to behold. The innovative changes make the castle ever more attracting and alluring to visitors. The impact of 12th and 13th century castle can be seen in its architectural style. The interior of the castle is well designed and it can be seen its wall paintings and other eye-catching Disney fantasies which relates to the story of Cinderella. Apart from its internal side the external courtyard of Cinderella has a rose garden and the back courtyard has a fountain with a bronze statue of Cinderella and her mouse and bird friends.

Spend your special days like birthday, marriage anniversary, and the special events like honeymoon, holiday trip, etc. in Disneyland and explore its fun and enthralling rides which is only possible after getting the Disney World tickets.

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Hotels and Attractions in Verona, Italy

Best as the setting for Shakespeare's play Romeo and Juliet and Two Gentlemen of Verona known, Verona, Italy is a beautiful tourist destination. It offers the traveler, is well preserved Roman architecture and medieval buildings, many of which were reformed Hotel Verona.

In the shadow of the spectacular Roman Arena, Piazza Bra is the heart of the city. The arena was built in 30 AD and seats 25,000, making them the largest Roman stadium. Concerts and operasare performed in the arena during the summer festival season.

You can tour the arena and climb to the top for beautiful views of the city and surrounding countryside.

Another piazza worth visiting is Piazza della Erba, which is lined with beautiful palaces and elegant civic buildings. There's a daily market here on the site of the original Roman forum.

With the Palazzo del Capitano and the Palazzo della Regiona, the Piazza dei Signori is another attractive square. When you get tired, you can take a break at one of the cafes on the piazza.

More great views can be had by climbing the 12th-century Torre di Lamberti. It's 275-feet tall, but you can see Lake Garda and the Alps on clear days.

Located on Piazza San Zeno, the church of San Zeno Maggiore has a rose window from the 12th century and wood door with bronze reliefs. There's an altarpiece by Mantegna inside the church. It's one of Northern Italy's best examples of Romanesque architecture.

The fine arts museum is located in an old castle on the Adige River. It has a nice collection of medieval and Renaissance paintings, including work by Veronese, Bellini, and Tiepolo. There are also ruins of an old Roman theater nearby.

Those who enjoy gardens won't want to miss Giardino Giusto, which is one of Italy's finest Renaissance gardens. Take some time to explore the topiary, grottoes, and fountains.

hotels in Verona

Not far from the Arena, Colomba d'Oro is housed in what was once a convent. With stone walls, 16th-century arches, and frescoes, it has a lot of old world charm. And there are 51 nicely decorated, comfortable rooms. Although there's no restaurant here, there is a breakfast room and bar, and some good restaurants within walking distance.

Just a couple of minutes from Piazza Bra, Torcolo has 19 unique rooms, some with exposed beams and parquet floors. The two women who run the place have added thoughtful upgrades to the rooms like double-paned windows, WiFi access, and small refrigerators. Breakfast here is very nice, especially when enjoyed on the pretty patio.

The Due Torri Hotel is the most expensive hotel in Verona. Located in a 14th-century palazzo, it was turned into a hotel in the 1950s, and today, it's part of the Baglioni chain. Many of the artists who come here to perform in the summer festivals stay here. With 90 rooms, grand public areas, and an Art Nouveau-style bar and restaurant, it's very impressive.

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Frog with lily pad (green color) bronze fountain. Inventory# 15-00458