Monday, February 28, 2011

Bronze Ducks Fountain 15-00884

This is one of our more popular designs over the years. Many customers use this piece simply as garden statuary because of its wonderful design. It is plumbed and ready to be used as a fountain also. © the GATZ Home and Garden

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Forces of Nature

Magic happens in a moonlit night, as the god Mercury embodies the figure of a bronze statue of Aphrodite with an evening to celebrate the goddess of love. Vines playfully to life exciting and distracting Mercury with an exotic dance. Aphrodite, in the form of a beautiful fountain, hang out and attracts enthusiastic Messenger in her arms. to weave the mysterious forces of nature, these elements together into a compelling tapestry of music, art and dance ... but it is enough to clip the wings ofMercury capricious? "Force of Nature" for all types of events, internal and external page.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Buckingham Fountain - Chicago, Illinois, USA - a TravelPod TripWow attractions of Buckingham Fountain landmark Building in Chicago Chicago is one of the most beautiful fountains of America because of its landscape design Beaux-Arts style is considered, finely wrought bronze sculpture, and innovative use of technology. Read more on: reports journey from Buckingham Fountain: - "I went to Grant Park (a small region of the strange sculptures and gardens) to review the Buckingham Fountain and other touristHotspots "-" Since I came back Planetarium on the lakefront and marina on the beautiful Buckingham see well, and also a very unusual sculpture in southern area of the park that many people have headless giant foot "-" short before I came to reasons for the concert I went to Buckingham Fountain took a couple of photos - "We started in the public library of some free internet and then after a delicious donut across the street went to Buckingham Fountain, sproutsWater 150 feet into the air every hour on the hour, "read this blog, and more: Pictures: - Chicago, Illinois, United States of America photos in this video -" The wedding proposal Buckingham Fountain "in Tanyabolt from a blog called" The Windy City "-" Buckingham Fountain in Millennium Park "Cestlavie from a blog called" Chicago "-" Ross family at Buckingham Fountain "in Saraishness a blog called" days of Chicago 2 "-" Buckingham Fountain, Chicago "Shaneandsam of a blog...

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Johnny Barnes in Bermuda

If he were anywhere else in the world of men in white coats the lock-up and throw away the key. But this is Bermuda, and every morning on weekdays 5.00 10.00 a clock, is a former bus driver Johnny Barnes in the middle of the Crow Lane roundabout and said a cheerful good morning! Bermuda commuters. Rain or shine he is always there with his radio, backpack and a straw hat, which provides a glimmer of hope that does not work as bad as it usually is. In recognition of this, he beat many of Bermudatogether and commissioned local sculptor Desmond Fountain, a bronze statue of Johnny, who is now close to the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute to create.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

George Tsutakawa 1970 Fountain - Seven Flowers Artist: Tsutakawa, George, 1910-1997, sculptor. Uchida, Jack, engineer. Title: Fountain, (sculpture). Other title: (Pacific First Federal Fountain), (sculpture). Date: 1970. Medium Fountain: bronze, concrete and light; Basin: concrete and brick. Size: Fontana: Approx H. 4 feet 2 1 / 2 "W x 7 ft. 6 in. diam. 4 feet 6 inches; basin: about 1 foot 2 inches x 7 feet 6 inches x HW diam. 4 ft 1 1 / 2 inches Inscription: Size (in metal ring fountain from the elements,raised letters:) 1970 / G. TSUTAKAWA sculptor J. UCHIDA Engr. Signed Description: A well, comprising seven abstract forms, each module has a small flower in the middle of a larger oval. Water flows from each of the flowers. The abstract shapes on the contributions of unequal height, and is mounted on a metal ring in the middle of a round pool with concrete edge of bricks. At the center of the circle of abstract forms, three spotlights. Subject: Summary - geometric objectCategory: Outdoor Sculpture - Washington - Bellevue fountain sculpture Owner: Washington Mutual Savings Bank, 10550 NE 8th Street, Bellevue, Washington 98004 Provenance: Ex Pacific First Federal Savings Bank subsidiary. Comments: File IAS contains articles that Kingsbury Martha's by George Tsutakawa, Bellevue, WA: Bellevue Art Museum, 1990, pg 97.. For more details, see the video of Kenneth Mark Levine, "Northwest Visionaries", Seattle: Iris Films, 1979 . Washington Mutual Savings...

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Central Plaza Arequipa - Arequipa - Peru

Surrounded by three portals and the Cathedral Church (Cabildo, Delicias and Regocijo) shows the site of a bronze fountain topped by three panels of the figure of "Tuturutu," which was, according to legend, the news blows his horn ( August 2007).

Monday, February 21, 2011

"Bologna and the beach" photo Giulianat of Bologna, Italy

A TripAdvisor ™ TripWow submission of a travel blog in Bologna, Italy Giulianat TravelPod bloggers entitled "Bologna and the beach of" voice Giulianat travel blog: "So I am quite beautiful, in Rimini, which is not to say that I never had a problem, but I'm relaxing in the Italian way of life. The main problem I have right now trying to get something to become a "permmesso residence" in English "authorization" from a local police station. I have to go and Get this waswithin 8 working days from the time when I was in Italy. Apparently I went at that time, but here's why: My cousins friend helped me go to the police and talk to the police in order to obtain a residence permit. The first time we went (this was after only 6 working days), the policeman told us to come back another day and in the meantime he gave me his number on a piece of paper and told to go get him coffee. Needless to say, I threw in the trash - hasseemed to be obsessed with the search for an Australian friend (so if anyone looking for a hoy me - no, I do not think that would really lose a few screws). However, we came back a day, he said, and said another police officer who was the wrong day and come back another day and we had to queue at another building department. We did it yesterday, and waited two hours before opening (in a queue of about 60 people), a woman came only after it was opened, and everyone says thatthey ...

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Manneken Pis, Brussels

Manneken Pis (little man literally pee in Dutch, French and called Le Petit Julien) is a famous landmark in Brussels. This is a small fountain, bronze sculpture depicting a naked little boy urinating into the fountain basin. It was designed by Jerome Duquesnoy and implemented in 1618 or 1619th It has a similar meaning as a cultural mermaid in Copenhagen. There are several legends behind this statue, but the most famous is that of Duke Godfrey III of Leuven. In 1142, theThe troops were fighting the Lord of two years against the troops of Berthouts, the lords of Grimbergen, in Ransbeke (now Neder-over-HEEMBEEK). The troops put the infant in a basket and Sir hung the cage in a tree in order to encourage them. From there, the boy who urinated Berthouts troops finally lost the battle. The statue is dressed in traditional costume in a week, according to a published calendar that is posted on the railing around the fountain. His wardrobe consists ofseveral hundred different costumes, many of which can be displayed in a permanent exhibition in the Museum, the Grand Place, opposite the town hall. The costumes are non-profit association managed by the Friends of Manneken Pis, the hundreds of projects submitted each year to review and select a limited number are produced and used.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Bronze Mermaid with Turtle Fountain 15-00886

Wonderful design and color. Excellent detail in the overall design of the piece. All plumbed in front of those ready to work and if you should get. © The Gatz Home & Garden

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Rosemead Gardens 1 - Home & Garden Network

Bring your design ideas at Rosemead Gardens today and see what it can do 40 years of experience in landscape design for you. Rosemead Gardens has one of the largest selections of natural stone, marble, concrete and bronze in S. California. Each piece is hand-selected by the owners, the landscape architect and president of Richard Liu Maria Liu Rosemead Gardens. Richard likes to take natural elements in his garden designs, and has an eye for detail that only the most demanding customersappreciate knowing. Richard is often still not satisfied with a project and modify it further to be perfect, while the client is very happy. Mary is an expert in helping customers choose the right pots, statues and fountains to compliment your existing design elements and colors of the house and can help with a variety of other projects. Please enable today! We are located at: 600 S. San Gabriel Blvd. San Gabriel, CA 91776 626-285-6767 FP626-285-6733 E opening hours: 10.00 to 17.00 clock Wednesday - Monday, Tuesday and holidays closed ****** As seen on Home & Garden Network ** ****

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Marriott San Francisco Check Out The Bullet With Me Right Here Lifts Great accommodation in San Francisco

From my website: www.san Francisco Waterfront. The Marriott in San Francisco has this cool ball lifts that take your breath away when you laugh about yourself. Go on a tour! They have a bronze sculpture inspired by Matisse around the fountain and some fabulous chairs and stools to roll with your favorite novel. That was my favorite lobby chair by far! Pro Convenient location, large bathrooms and luxurious, recently renovated. Cons: It lacks personality.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Solar Birdbath Fountain Blendworth

Value Blend is both an attractive and decorative bird bath solar fountain. The function of solar water resins serviceable stone built and is finished at the age of granite or bronze effect oiled. Value Blend has an integrated solar panel and pump, without cables to carry or conceal. Visit for details and prices.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

View Stones Gardens Rosemead

Rosemead Gardens has the best selection of internal and external, that rocks. These stones are from remote locations in China, introduced and criticized on the basis of color, shape, texture and porosity. Each stone represents its spiritual essence and unique view. Come and see for yourself how a stone can "dance" or another can "take flight". Maybe you like to be involved in this inertia seems. Whatever your whim, you will be thrilled by the choice of stones on the displayRosemead Gardens. Often, as a scholar of many rocks to make these unique pieces is a great compliment to all indoor and outdoor gardens or as a centerpiece for your viewing pleasure. Come choose from our wide selection today! We are located at: 600 S. San Gabriel Blvd. San Gabriel, CA 91776 626-285-6767 626-285-6733 F PE opening hours: from 10.00 to 05.00 clock Wednesday - Monday Closed Tuesday & Holidays

Friday, February 11, 2011

The world is better bubbler - Bubbler Wealth

Supported by four 13.8-meter high bronze legs and covers an area of 1683.07 feet, the Fountain of Wealth has the status of "World's Largest Fountain" 1998 edition of Guinness Book of World Records granted. E 'symbolically the ring in the palm of your hand and ensures the preservation of wealth

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Y Percy Jackson and the Olympians The Lightning Thief Movie Trailer HD

Perseus "Percy Jackson is a troubled young man of 12 years, from every school I ever attended introduced kicked. His most recent school Yancy Academy, New York, where his usual anger seems to be worse than usual. He few friends at school, one of them hiding in the satyr, Grover Underwood. During a trip to a museum, Grover is upset a tyrant named Nancy Bobofit and in a fit of anger, Percy charged water into a nearby well for Nancy train duringLunch. He is in the museum of ancient Greece that his pre-algebra teacher, Mrs. Dodds call turns into a rage and attacked him. A moment later, he accused Mr. Brunner, a teacher's favorite Percy, his pen to Percy, who instead receives a bronze sword. Percy manages the anger inside and out with the sword, which is once again destroy a spring. Percy asked him what just happened, "said Mr. Brunner, he saw nothing special, and commented on how Percy would bring histheir pens in the future. Percy questions as companions' of the same thing, they behave as if there is ever a "Mrs. Dodd," but noted Percy, Grover's mind when he realizes that Percy hesitates when it comes to "Mrs. Dodd." As the school year is approaching, listen to Percy Grover and Mr. Brunner about him. When he comes home on a bus with Grover, who sees three old ladies knitting a sock giant Grover seem intensely worried. Percy trenches...

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

to confuse public position new art A piece of public art has a new home in downtown Eugene. Crews installed a stainless steel and bronze fountain in front of the Hilton Hotel on Tuesday. Steve Reinmuth Eugene-based artist creates for the city nine years ago. It 'used to fire in the city center, but drew the downtowneugene.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Monday, February 7, 2011

Rosemead Gardens 2 - Home & Garden Network

If you share a passion for art, beauty and nature, Rosemead Gardens is the place to go to bring all your dreams, decorations for life. With landscape architect Richard Liu, president of Maria Liu Rosemead Gardens, you can make a common courtyard in a quiet place, to keep an eclectic garden of stones and statues, or the ideal place for guests. We welcome all inquiries, if you are just starting out with an idea or finding the perfect sculpture for a completeProject. Please enable today to see what can be done 40 years of experience in landscaping for you! We are located at: 600 S. San Gabriel Blvd. San Gabriel, CA 91776 626-285-6767 626-285-6733 F PE opening hours: from 10.00 to 05.00 clock Wednesday - Monday Closed Tuesday & Holidays ****** For As regards the See Home & Garden Network ******

Sunday, February 6, 2011

140 Fountain Springs Road, Holly Springs, NC 27 540 Bronze

140 Fountain Springs Road, Holly Springs, NC 27540 Towne House to house price! Double garage, covered entry. Living room with fireplace is open to the breakfast area. 3 good size bedrooms upstairs. Separate laundry. Patio outs for cooking. Flat fenced back yard, a common area for privacy. Arbor Creek swimming, picnicking, playground and parks. Home Warranty of AF. Sales at Arbor Creek. Easy commute.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Palazzo De Dream HD

In an exclusive Palazzo De sky dreams reflect the warmth of Italian heritage!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Il Marecchia è l'albero dell'acqua. La fontana di Torriana, Rimini.

Questa fontana è stata ideata da Tonino Guerra, progettata da Rita Ronconi e Claudio Lazzarini, e realizzata dall'amministrazione comunale di Torriana nell'agosto del 1992. Il nome della fontana è "Il Marecchia è l'albero dell'acqua". La frase del poeta Tonino Guerra incisa sulla formella di terracotta vicino alla fontana: " Questa fontana vuole vuole essere un ritratto del nostro fiume che d'estate muove i suoi rami tra i sassi diventando così l'albero dell'acqua". Io sono l'autore delle fotografie originali e della presentazione. Gigi Muccioli.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Getting Ready For Spring and Summertime Entertaining With Outdoor Lighting, Part One

Around wintertime, people are feeling the blues of having to stay cooped up inside the house. You gaze at the windows into the backyard, imagining the sun beaming down as you sip a margarita by the pool underneath your gazebo (that has a Garden Winds replacement canopy on it!). You anticipate the day when the first signs of spring break through, and as soon as you know it, you are outside again, enjoying the fresh, clean air, and taking in the lovely surroundings of your outdoor oasis. Well, you don't have to wait any longer! Why not get a head start and prepare your backyard for all of your spring and summer gatherings? Or you can brave the winter cold and start enjoying your yard again, with outdoor lighting? This article is part one in a series of three articles about lighting, and the many different types available to add ambiance and warmth to an outdoor setting. In part one, fire pots and torches are discussed.

As homeowners, lots of labor and love are placed into making the home a place to entertain, to live, and to enjoy. The same goes for the outdoors. Lots of time and effort are placed so that the backyard can become a getaway without having to travel far. You can create your own escape with flowers, trees, grass, a pool, gazebo, and other things. Why not add another dimension with lighting? Artificial lighting or natural lighting (fire) are options to consider when decorating with outdoor lights.

Vesta Fire Pot

A fire pot is a container made of earthenware that carries fire. Fire pots have been used since prehistoric times to transport fire from one place to another for warmth while traveling. In addition, they were used for cooking, for religious ceremonies and as weapons of war. Today, fire pots are handcrafted, ceramic works of art that come in a variety of shapes and colors. They create a stunning display without the smoke and the hassle of cleaning up messy ashes. Fire pots use alcohol-based, environmentally friendly gel fuel. The gel fuel burns cleanly and can be used indoors.

The Vesta fire pot combines the strong lines of a rectangle with the ever-changing shape of the fire. It was named after the Roman goddess of hearth and home. The Vesta fire pot displays exciting fire and adds a unique look to a garden or a tabletop. Its body creates clean lines and its dual tones lend interest to the piece. In addition, it can easily be distinguished with a metal snuffer. The four pads on the bottom of the fire pot enable it to sit on a flat, fireproof surface, and its ceramic construction offers versatility. The finish is hand applied, making each fire pot look distinct.


Set the mood while entertaining with a torch. Torches are great for parties and get togethers, or just relaxing after a long day's work. You can easily create a warm, festive and tropical environment with a lighted torch. The most commonly known type is the tiki torch, but they are also available in various materials such as copper, steel, and bamboo. A Vesta torch, Maderas Hanging Tealight, Copper Spiral Lawn Torch, are just a few examples offered.


Add a Mediterranean inspired Citronella flame to the outdoors. The flame lamp features a bronze powder coated finish on all aluminum construction, featuring a leaf and bowl motif with a large candelabra wick system for maximum flame. The container is easy to fill, and uses a standard lamp oil or citronella oil. The citronella oil repels insects. Adding just 20 ounces of fuel will light the torch for over eight hours-that's the entire evening! The wick, made of fiberglass will never burn down. It has a heavy weighted base that provides good stability. The attached flame cup easily extinguishes the flame.

Maderas Hanging Tealight

As we discover that entertaining outdoors is an excellent alternative to entertaining indoors, the use of lighting has a great effect on the setting and the mood. The Maderas Hanging Tealight set are candle holders that are an ideal accompaniment to an evening of dinner, drinks, and good conversation at the end of a summer's day. This tea light holder is made of wrought iron with a chocolate brown powder coat and includes twelve tea light glasses, for a stunning cascade of illumination.

Copper Spiral Lawn Torch

These copper brushed torches are a great way to add light and ambiance to your backyard gatherings. The two-piece pole design allows you to stake them into the ground with an overall height of 50". It is topped with a thick, long-lasting fiberglass wick, and a snuffer cap on a chain to quickly put the flame out. It can burn for up to five hours, using lamp oil or citronella oil.