Thursday, September 30, 2010

Antique Fountain Pens

The first practical fountain pen was patented by Lewis Waterman in 1884. Fountain pens were the first kind of pens to be used by men. However, the oldest surviving fountain pen belonged to a Frenchman named M.Bion dated to 1702. Antique fountain pens are prized possessions and are collector's items as they are extremely unique. Most of the antique pens are very expensive as they are very rare and are not easily available in the market. Antique fountain pens as a result of their age need special care and handling techniques. These pens usually have ink filling mechanisms and differ greatly from the modern fountain pens.

The cost of these antique fountain pens depends greatly on whom they belonged to and what material they are made up of. Other factors like the quality of the nib and the material used for the nib also help determine the price. In case, the nib is made of gold or silver, the prices automatically rises up a great deal. As most of these vintage pens have a history behind them, their prices rise accordingly as the demand becomes too high. In spite of being expensive, these pens are very popular amongst people who enjoy writing with fine pens and who have a passion for collecting pens belonging to different periods. The prices of these pens also depend on the case in which they are kept. If the cases are made of gold or silver or some high quality metal and are hand crafted, then the prices tend to be quite high.

These rare fountain pens are not sold at wholesale outlets and are usually found in flea markets or old curio shops. One can purchase antique fountain pens through the special dealers dealing in antique pieces. Various websites also offer a range of vintage antique fountain pens and through a good search; one can purchase them at strikingly low prices.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Welcome Guests With a Personalized Door Mat

Let everyone who comes to your door know a little bit about you with a personalized door mat. Your design options are numerous, including several lines of text, brightly colored logos or just the family name. Cheer not just a front door but also a bedroom door or the entrance to a pet room.

Your choice of product might supply a sturdy place to wipe muddy feet, but it is also the first impression visitors will get. Obtain a goofy slogan, doves or peace signs. Select a favorite poem or advertise a business. Choose your language too and see high quality digital images and words transferred from the idea in your head to a finished piece made from any number of materials.

Look for a personalized door mat which will not fade or shed. Sturdy materials to choose from include wood, nylon, carpet and metal. Even design a mixture of coir plus aluminum insert. Replacement plates are available to go in the centre of your mat should circumstances change, such as getting married or the changing seasons. Arrange for the background color and embroidery thread with on-line companies.

This is where you are most likely to find your ideal product. Take into consideration shipping costs and where the firm is located. They will also advertise likely duration before you get your mat, so think ahead if this is a gift. Better yet, give a gift certificate and let your recipients come up with their own greeting and design. Company websites sometimes provide customer reviews to help you make your choice.

Choosing metal, nylon or other materials comes down to both look and where you plan to place your mat, indoors or outdoors. Wood with slats can be treated so as not to decay or smell and to hide dirt. Others give you an easy-cleaning surface. Look for safety too with rubber backing. This should resist cracking and curling for no-slip reassurance. Environmentally conscious customers take note: mats can now be made from post-consumer plastic bottles and car tires.

Aluminum, French bronze and pewter silver make up some of your options in metal. Research for a no-rust guarantee. Decorative features include filigree and fruity images.

Design your personalized door mat with or without framing borders. Shapes include circular, semi-circular; square or rectangle. Figure out sizing, also a customer option. Make your house look and feel like home, ready for you to turn the key in your lock after work every day.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

JARDIN DU LUXEMBOURG #33 (La coquette aux pommes)

Statue en bronze - La femme aux pommes - par le sculpteur Jean Terzieff - sculpture placée devant le palais du Sénat - exposition internationale 1937 -Jardin du Luxembourg - Palais du Luxembourg - La fontaine Médicis - Les statues - La grotte du Luxembourg 1630 - La grotte de Marie de Médicis la veuve d'Henri IV - Le Sénat - événement les journées européennes du Patrimoine mois de septembre - accès Porte Odéon - Rue de Vaugirard - Métro Odéon - Station Luxembourg RER ligne B - 6e arrondissement - Ville de Paris 75006 - région Ile-de-France + infos ( + infos ( + infos ( + infos ( + infos ( + infos (

Monday, September 27, 2010

Variety of Sculptures and Fountains.wmv

In random order, we have provided you here with a look at what our companies can do for projects around the world. These are merely a few of the projects that show the work we can provide. Your imagination is the only limit.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Smarten Your House With Fashionable Indoor Water Features

Indoor water features are always known for adding attraction and appeal to the house decor. Nowadays, many homeowners are fond of locating these interesting water features in their interior in order to enhance the charm in their decor. There are lots of varieties of these gorgeous water features accessible in the industry that you can possibly use to embellish your interior and give a unique touch to your house.

These wonderful water features not only include charm to your internal decor but also unwind and give freshness to your thoughts. These marvelous water beauties are available in quite a few beautiful styles and types. Several of them also possess an exclusive art perform on their structure. The peaceful and soul touching cascading water sounds from them would provide you with a sensation of comfort and ease. They are durable and sturdy in dynamics as they are made from components like heat treated metals, stainless steel, and lightweight slate.

A lot of indoor water features are built from the combination of glass and aluminum that bestows a luxury appearance to their structure. You can also find quite a few indoor water beauties from the industry that characteristic wonderful sea world. The calming looks and pure natural beauty of such water cascades would enable you to really feel the organic beauty from close. Some of these fountains are White Marble cascades, Glass Slate Cascades, and Pebble Cascades.

Below I am giving the details of some majestic indoor water features, which are quiet preferred in the market.

Floor Water Fountains
It is an incredibly wonderful and amiable interior water fountain stamped with attractive bamboo architect on the glass surface. The stamped design of Bamboo tree discloses an unbelievable splendor of nature that soothes the body and the thoughts. The falling sound from the fountain echoes just like a mountain waterfall and will give you the sense of breathtaking natural surroundings of nature. The fountain is truly intriguing and will include an appeal to your internal decor.

Wall Fountains
It is a very stunning and charismatic wall fountain with a wonderful bronze finish on its outer. The cascading water from the fountain produces a soothing sound that could mitigate your strain and unwind your mind.

Tabletop Fountains
It is really a spectacular and charismatic fountain that might pack your living room with majesty and harmony. The greatest feature is that not just you can use it like a tabletop normal water fountain but also being a wall mounted water fountain. You can position it inside your living space, drawing area or even inside your kid's room. A table best fountain is generally preferred from the homeowners as it consumes extremely little place and comes in the sensible price array.

Discussing their expense, they are available in an exorbitant cost variety. But they are so lovely and charming that they are worth of their cost. You can easily purchase them from any home decoration and Aquariums shops or even you can order them on the internet and receive it on your doorstep.

Thus, you can also give a special and marvelous appearance to your house by installing these fabulous interior water features inside your house.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

JARDIN DU LUXEMBOURG #34 (L'acteur grec)

Statue en bronze - L'acteur grec - par le sculpteur le Baron Charles Arthur Bourgeois - exposition internationale 1937 - Jardin du Luxembourg - Palais du Luxembourg - La fontaine Médicis - Les statues - La grotte du Luxembourg 1630 - La grotte de Marie de Médicis la veuve d'Henri IV - Le Sénat - événement les journées européennes du Patrimoine mois de septembre - accès Porte Odéon - Rue de Vaugirard - Métro Odéon - Station Luxembourg RER ligne B - 6e arrondissement - Ville de Paris 75006 - région Ile-de-France + infos ( + infos ( + infos ( + infos ( + infos ( + infos (

Friday, September 24, 2010

Landscaping Design Using Evergreens

Because of their all-year loveliness, vigorousness and longevity, evergreen plants rightfully dictate a slight increased amount over deciduous trees which drop their leaves in winter.

Evergreens have a wide scope from broad-leaved shrubs, such as laurel and rhododendrons to coniferous pines and majestic spruces.

Highly effective as windscreens, the giant spruces and firs are widely used not just for their beauty, but also because of their shape. In addition, such species do well in the shade, which causes them to be excellent choices for foundation planting.

Following are some highly conventional evergreens to select from (in alphabetical order):


The decorative Arbor Vitae, such as cedar, yields the flat evergreen branch frequently found in floral arrangements during the Christmas season. It is best in moist, protected spaces. Although it can be cut to any size or shape, left alone it forms a broad 35 to 50 feet high pyramid.


Strong, durable, and drought-resistant, the Douglas fir grows rapidly and compactly. The best fir choice for wind breaks and screening, its tall pyramid makes a good yard element. White fir has an attractive silvery color, while balsam fir, AKA the Christmas tree, is noted for its special fragrance and lustrous foliage.


The hemlock tree/shrub, with feathery foliage, is most effective when planted in a grove with others. The Canadian hemlock can be easily sheared for symmetrical effect.


The large species of juniper, for example the formal columnar juniper and the upright juniper, are quite useful in planting. As a spreading evergreen, the Pfitzer juniper is best used for banks, edgings and ground cover. Its green feathery foliage grows fast, can withstand crowding and at maturity stands 8 feet tall, and up to 12 feet across. Ground-covering junipers include creeping, prostrate, Sargent, and Waukegan.


The most generally known evergreen is the pine. Renowned for its long, soft, light silvery-green needles, the white pine can reach 80 feet when mature. In addition to the white pine, the red pine is great for backgrounds and wind breaks. A broad, compact tree, the ponderosa pine is used for protection and ornamental screens.

The Austrian pine (black pine), popular in the Midwest, has a rich, green color and spreading branches.


Short and thick, with light blue-green needles, the white spruce reaches 70 feet and is good for general landscaping and privacy screens. Although it does poorly in drought and heat, the Colorado blue spruce is a hardy tree. Red cedar, on the other hand, is a fine decorative evergreen for hedges and wind breaks because it withstands dry weather, and the thick green foliage has a bronze color in winter.

Probably the most widely planted windbreaks evergreen, the Norway spruce is hardy. A slow grower, it has short needles of dark green and is compact and pyramidal shaped. The Black Hills variety grows to 40 feet in time, and is hardy and drought-resistant.


With its thick, glossy needles and dense, upward-reaching branches, the yew is useful as both a shrub and tree. Although it grows well in sun and shade, it's best used as a single feature against a wall of the garden rather than as foundation planting. The low-spreading bushy dwarf yew can be clipped, while other varieties such as the upright yew and Japanese yew are tapering or conical plants best used for hedges.


Since evergreens tend to be adversely affected by dry, hot summer weather, they should be watered every 10 - 14 days during that season. Make sure the water reaches at least 6 inches deep.

An excellent way to protect the tree from loss of water in dry weather is with a mulch of grass clippings or peat moss.

To help an evergreen thrive, pruning in the late spring is recommended, making sure that the inner branches will develop.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Philadelphia art building fountain

Bronze Tiered water fountain outside museum. If you want one we can make one for you, All Classics Ltd

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ornamental Grasses Highlight Your Landscape

When the average person thinks of grass, they think of the short, green stuff that covers our lawns. But there's a vast variety of grasses out there that you can use as "ornamental" grasses, to give your lawn a unique look.

Grass comes in all sizes. There are ground-hugging grasses, there are shrub-sized clumps. There are upright tufts of grasses, there are "mop-top mounds" of grasses, there are "arching fountains" of grasses.

"True grasses" include lawn grasses, cereal grains, and a few "showy" pieces such as bamboo. Yes, bamboo is a grass. However, even though they're not true grasses, cattails, rushes and sedges are also termed "ornamental" grasses.

Stem Stylings
True grasses all have narrow leaves, and their cylindrical stems are hollow. Cattails have those distinctive brown, cigar-shaped flowering structures, and solid stems. Rushes have solid stems. They also don't have the nodes that grasses have. Sedges don't have nodes. They have solid stems - and the stems are triangular but cylindrical.

When you're planning your ornamental grass garden, you must know how the grass grows. Some grasses are clump-forming - they stay where they've been planted. Creeping grasses, also called runners or spreaders, do exactly that...they grow over the ground.

For your beds and borders, you'll want to use clumping grasses. Your creeping grasses will be splendid on any slopes.

Growth Cycles
Various grass species have different growth cycles, just like flowers. Annual grasses die after one growing season, while perennials will come back year after year.

Now when you get to your perennial grasses, there are two basic types of those: cool-season and warm-season. Cool-season grasses start growing in the late winter or early spring. Examples of these are fescue grasses and golden wool millet. Warm season grasses include evergreen miscanthus, pampas grass and fountain grass.

Ornamental Grass Colors
Ornamental grasses run the gamut from bright red and cold to copper, bronze, steel blue and silver. Some stay the same color all the time (when healthy), others change color according to the season - so it's quite a delight to plant these and be able to track the seasons as their hues change.

Shady Sides
If you've had a problem growing grasses in your landscape because there's shade everywhere, don't despair - simply choose those types of grasses that do well in shade! However, there's another contingent you have to deal with - is the soil in that shade evenly moist, or is it dry. The grasses might like the shade but the wrong soil will not do them any good, so make sure you have the right kind of soil for the grasses you choose.

Grasses that flourish in the shade include oat grass and sea oats, crinkled hair grass, snowy woodrush, and golden wood millet.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Wall Mount Paper Towel Holders

The wall mount paper towel holder has been a preferred choice for a large number of years and it is one selection that continues to become more popular every single year. Homeowners who wish to take advantage of a kitchen product that has the ability to provide numerous conveniences, this is the selection that you will surely want to make in this specific type of kitchen aid product.

One of the biggest factors this item provides that a large number of individuals enjoy taking advantage of would perhaps be in the way that this particular design can be installed in any specific area that will provide your family with the largest amount of convenience. The wall mount paper towel holder can easily be installed right above your kitchen sink in homes that do not have windows in this specific area. You can also choose to install these items on any wall in your kitchen, or even on a bare wall in the garage that is not already being used for another type of item. One choice that numerous individuals find to be very handy is the fact that they can also choose to install them on the inside of their pantry where they are hidden and out of sight.

This particular item for your kitchen can be found in a variety of different durable materials that they are constructed from, giving you the added assurance that they will last for a long time to come. The higher quality of materials that you choose in their making will of course provide you with the most dependability that you can take advantage of in the wall mount paper towel holder.

There are several different choices that are available in beautiful metals such as stainless steel, chrome, iron and bronze. If you are someone who would prefer the level of character that is often provided from wood, then you will certainly enjoy being able to browse through the many choices that are available in many different light and dark wood selections. For the individual who is looking to find the utmost in an elegant style, perhaps you should think about the choices that are available in the dazzling look that can be obtained with marble. There is an almost endless choice in beautiful style and unique design that can be found in wall mount paper towel holder selections that can be found today.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Traditional to Trendy - Indian Home Decor

In recent years, ethnic home decor has become increasingly popular when deciding on a theme for decorating. Among the first of the choices in cultural decor, is Indian home decor.

Indian home decor has become one of the most highly sought after themes, due to the versatility of design, rich color schemes, and the broad spectrum of elements in decor. There are different styles of Indian decor branching from the different regions of India, such as, Western Indian, Eastern Indian and even British Indian decor. British Indian decor usually consists of finely carved ivory, hand-crafted wood furniture, and fine art, balanced tastefully with heavy Victorian style drapery, and Victorian furniture, for a classical, yet ethnic appearance.

Many exporters of ethnic home decor can be located online, and there are many dealers from India. They can provide custom-design wooden furniture from an exotic variety of woods, such as, Shisham, Teak, Mango, and Acacia. Choosing the wood, and design will allow you to personalize your home, as well as give that "special touch" to your Indian home decor. Some accent pieces to consider adding are hand-carved chests, nesting-tables, and folding screens. Certain regions of India carve detailed floral designs into their pieces, and other regions carve elaborate pictures of people, and landscapes, as if to tell a story. These accents will give a wonderful depth to your cultural decor.

Fabrics are a creative option to add color, and texture to your Indian home decor, to really bring your space to life. India has an endless wealth of lush materials to decide from, such as satin, cashmere, and silk. India's silk is very unique, being of a slightly rougher texture than silks in Asia, which adds a beautiful contrast when next to a sleek satin. Many colorful wall tapestries, pillows, and table-runners can be found with this elegant combination. Sari style window-drapes, bedding, and floor-pillows are also a sheik way to add colorful accents. Due to the materials available in a multitude of hues, such as, burnt sienna, fuchsia, apricot, turquoise, and autumn reds, achieving the color schemes desired in your cultural decor is possible.

Adding subtle additions, such as small bronze sculptures, vases, and wood-carved mirror frames will generate a warm, contemporary environment. Paintings can be imported from India, from locations like Patachitra, and Warli. The high quality silk paintings from these regions of India, are unique masterpieces, which would be a wonderful conversation piece.

Once you have seen many of the beautiful pieces to decorate your space with, you will realize how diverse your options are in obtaining Indian home decor.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Stylish Venetian Blinds

Most of us are familiar with Venetian blinds, those difficult to clean, laterally slatted strips of plastic with their annoying dangling cords that constantly seem to be caught up in a tangle. There is nothing that makes a room look messier than venetian blinds that are hanging in a crooked or haphazard manner. Thankfully, venetian blind manufacturers are making this type of window shade more functional, more attractive and easier to clean.

The key to using Venetian blinds successfully as a window covering is to make sure they are hung properly. If they are crooked then the strings will not act as properly as pulleys and create an askew effect. No matter how stylish your venetian blinds are they are not beautiful if they don't work.

In interior design, the old-fashioned plastic slatted Venetian blinds are out of style unless you are going for a decidedly retro look. However even if you are going for a retro look then you are much better off to choose Venetian blinds that are made out of anodized aluminum or painted silver. These tend to harbor less dirt and dust and just look right with some of the more popular 60's and 70's retro room designs.

Manufacturers are now creating venetian blinds in all kinds of interesting colors and textures by painting, coating or anodizing the slats. The most boring Venetian blinds that you could buy would be the nineties all black kind with narrow slats or the industrial looking cream colored ones that have decorated every institutional window treatment for over a century.

Some of the newer neon colors look good with retro sixties and seventies designs, as do metallic bronze, silver or gold blinds. Instead of white or black blinds for an all wood office you can now have rich looking blinds that are textured like leather and come in dark shades of olive, burgundy or brown. Spare industrial spaces, particularly offices also look more sleek and modern with venetian blinds in colors such as cherry red or celadon.

If your room looks dated or out of style then the culprit might very well be your window treatment. One of the most unfashionable looks is that throwback to the nineties - vertical Venetian blinds. They almost always come in one color and they have a way of institutionalizing your home or apartment. Unfortunately many of these floor to ceiling vertical Venetian blinds are difficult to replace with more fashionable blinds with horizontal slats. In this case you might consider concealing them with drapes or sheers when they are not being used to filter light.

Mini-blinds are also very eighties and not really in style although admittedly they do have some functionality when used to cover small or box shaped windows that are commonly found in bathrooms. Nowadays you can mitigate the old-fashioned look of the mini blinds by buying ones in a vibrant color.

To make a truly unique fashion statement you might also consider buying hand painted Venetian blinds. These blinds reveal an image when they are shut. Sometimes you can find these in the Chinatown area of your city or at specialty interior design outlets. Often the themes on these plastic slatted blinds are Asian in flair making them ideal for room with an Oriental or bohemian design scheme.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Minka Aire Supra Review

The manufacturer, Minka Aire, is renowned for the quality and stylishness of their products. The Minka Aire Supra has been a long time staple of their product line. Style, form, and function are all elements that are combined in this ceiling fan. Minka promotes this ceiling fan as an ideal fixture for bathrooms, hallways, foyers, and other entryways.

It is powered by a 156 x 16 mm engine, and its fans are angled at a twenty two degree pitch to ensure its efficiency at circulating the air within its environment. Each blade measures approximately thirty two inches in length. There are two down rods included with the purchase of the Minka Aire Supra. The first measures 3.5 inches in length, and the second one measures 6 inches in length.

Due to the limitations of its down rods, the Supra should ideally be installed on a level ceiling, without sloping or other angular features. The Supra fan is operated by a pull chain; however, the consumer has the option of purchasing optional, wall mounted control units or remote controlled units for the ceiling fan. The fan also has three different speed settings.

Often, consumers will purchase a ceiling fan that matches the decor of the room it is to be installed in. The Minka Aire Supra is available in a variety of finishes, which include brushed steel, white, and oil rubbed bronze. Unlike other Minka models, the Supra does not use halogen lights, and light bulbs are not included in the purchase price of the unit.

The Supra fan is also available in different packages that have blades with lengths of forty-four and fifty two inches respectively. As with all other Minka products, the Supra fan comes with a lifetime warranty in the event that any of its components malfunction. It is ideal for a consumer to purchase their Minka fan from an authorized dealer. Most dealers will include installation in the price an individual pays for their unit. An incorrect installation could lead to potential problems with the unit, and if this occurs, the warranty will not cover damages incurred from installation errors.

As with any Minka fan, your selection will enhance your home. When you purchase the Supra fan, be sure to select one that matches your home decor and select the options that fit your current needs. Lastly, make sure you have it installed if correctly to avoid any warranty issues later.

Friday, September 17, 2010


Large egret bronze fountain. In the video we adjusted the water pressure to show you the effects that a larger and smaller pump will have on spray distance. Inventory# 15-00880b

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Drawer Pulls - A Great Way To Revamp The Look Of Your End Tables

The end tables in your living room are starting to look boring to you, even a slight on the unattractive side. The problem is, you do not have the money to go out and purchase new ones because you just got these a few months ago. Not to worry, there is a way to change up the look of those end tables if they have drawers. All you have to do is purchase new drawer pulls for them.

Really, changing up the appearance your end tables is that easy and you can give them any kind of look and feel that you want because there are a wide variety of drawer pulls that are available. For example, maybe your end tables have modern styling. They are made out of wood and have a rich, deep espresso finish, but the pulls that are on them just seem to blend in with the piece because they too are made from the same wood material and have the same finish.

Well, a great option for replacing them would be with ones crafted out of stainless steel that smooth, curving design to them and a brushed finish. They would complement your modern end tables well and would really give them a fresh, new look. Or, maybe your end tables are more on the antique side, but the pulls on them are not antique enough, then a great option for you would be ones made from bronze metal that have an oil rubbed finish and have an ornamental, bending design that also features lovely scrollwork.

The thing is, with drawer pulls, there are just so many selections out there and the two just mentioned are the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the thousands that are offered by manufacturers. They can be crafted from all sorts of items, including other metals like aluminum, brass, and copper along with other materials including wood, glass, ceramic, porcelain, and plastic. Each is also available in different colors and finishes, like glass ones in amber , wood ones in a like cherry and you can get porcelain ones that feature hand painted designs. Plus, they come in all shapes and sizes, perfect for all different sized end tables.

What is great about all the options is that you can easily find something to match the end tables in your space. You can also spruce up the look of other furnishings that have drawers as well with them. And, for a fast and hassle free way to check out all the available selections, just hit the Internet and browse the online retail stores instead of heading to your local hardware store.

So, if you are looking for a way to revamp the look of the end tables in your space, a fantastic way to do it is with new drawer pulls. These small indoor fixtures carry a big decorative punch and are great way to get the job done without cleaning out your pocket book.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Wonderful Benefits of Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are fantastic additions to any home. They are very popular devices which function much like any type of electric fan. The only difference is that they are designed to be suspended on the ceiling. Compared to their other counterparts, these fans bring a lot of wonderful benefits to the homeowners.

First, they provide a great cooling system in the home. Ceiling fans can operate in reversible methods. When the weather is hot, they can be turned counter-clockwise to sweep cool air towards the people in the room. When the cold season is in, the fans can be turned in a clockwise direction to draw cold air up and allow the warm air to circulate in its direction. This reversible operation is simply amazing to provide a wonderful air circulation for the people inside the home.

Second, the fans are more cost-effective to use. Compared to air conditioning units, the fans consume less power. They consume only as much power as a 100-watt bulb while air-conditioning units go up to a thousand. With fans around, homeowners need not sweat in paying their electric bills during summer. They can now relax in cool comfort without worrying about the bills and draining their wallets empty.

Third, the ceiling units are great space-savers. Unlike table-top fans or stand fans, these fans wouldn't cause any obstruction inside the room. If anyone is seated next to the fans on the ground, other people will no longer receive the cooling effect it can provide. But a mounted fan in the ceiling can reach and provide a cool breeze to everybody in the room.

Another benefit is that they are also fantastic embellishments inside any room. The fans often come in wonderful blade designs. You can have wooden, copper or bronze finishes that is sure to enhance the look of your living room, dining room or bedroom.

Lastly, the ceiling fans come in cheap. They are fairly affordable that you can put several units inside your home. With attached lighting units in place, you will also be able to provide wonderful lighting for your home at a price of a single fan.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Taking Care of the Captivating Magnolia Tree

Magnolia trees are a native of Southern United States that grow up to 80 feet in height. It is a popular attribute to the southern landscape; this tree is well-known with its huge thick leaves along with the intense white blossoms.
These trees could sometimes drop leaves all through the year once the tree is under pressure. New magnolia varieties have increases the cold durability of the species and expanded the growing range beyond the West and the North America.

Caring Tips

The attractive magnolia trees were very adoptable to survive on different climates with different soil textures if it was being cared properly. This is a low-maintenance plant and simple to care.

Setting the Tree - find a damp area that has a good drainage for planting a magnolia tree. Acidic soil is the finest for these trees, it may grow to another place, and however, it is where this tree can easily adapt.

Fertilization - when the magnolia tree has been established and confirms new growth, you have to apply fertilizers to new young trees every month. Given that applied often, just give a little amount every time. Apply a pound of 8-8-8 or 10-10-10 of fertilizer every 100 square feet in every two months. It will provide the tress with the essential nutrients they needed to adapt to their new environment.

Trimming - trim the trees while they are young, it will help to develop a pyramidal shape when it is fully grown up. Trim the side twigs and heed off the bottom branches. After 10 years, magnolia trees will begin to bloom and soon as the tree will be matured enough.

Variety of Magnolia Trees

Brackens Brown Beauty - this well-known new variety of magnolia tree can reach up to 30 feet in height when matures. It characterizes a natural forming of a thick, pyramidal structure, dark green leaves and a six inches white blossom that appears on the later spring.

Edith Bogue - in the majority of cold enduring magnolia trees, the edith bogue is able to grow up to 30 feet in height and with 15 feet for the width. This variety characterizes the narrow green leaves that form a thick canopy once the tree gets mature.

Little Gem - this is one form off the smallest variety of the magnolias, it almost meets the criteria of a shrub. Little gem reaches up to 20 feet in height in the span of 20 years. This variety characterizes with a dark green leaves with a bronze-brown backside.

Majestic Beauty - this type of magnolia tree is one of the large varieties, reaching up to 50 feet in height at the maturity. Popular with its little dark green leaves along with its abundant flowerings.

Tree planting techniques

Create a hole for magnolia root balls two times larger than the ball and the deep is as much likely as the root balls. Then top it off with mulch that is 3-5 inches thick.

Plant a line of these trees on your property streak in able to make a screen or hedge that works as a blockage for undesirable views outside your property.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Bronce Mig Welding. Fountain bowl.

We did a 1 ton 3 mts tall fountain for a house in Utha a few years ago, here we where welding parts of it. It was sand casted.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

50 Wellington Street | Nashua, New Hampshire absolute acreage & homes - This unique property features Victorian architecture, including a soaring octagonal tower - wait until you see it from the inside! The design continues and is mimicked and evident throughout this exceptional home, particularly on the front porch, fence, sunroom, granite patter and fountain pool. If you enjoy entertaining, this home was made for you! Other standout features include extensive hardwoods throughout the home, vast 8 1 foot ceilings, fresh paint, central vacuum system serving all four levels, energy saving windows, and two new, preventative sump pump systems. The landscaped yard includes numerous beautiful mature and specimen trees, abundant Asian plants, including large and small red Japanese maples and dwarf varieties. An imported artistic bronze fountain cascades into an octagonal pool finished in golden granite with a bluestone cap. There is a secondary granite cobblestone driveway inside the yard. A bluestone perimeter surrounds the massive 25 ton granite slab patio. The yards have a complete irrigation system for lawn, trees and 10 large planters with excellent drainage runoff patterns. There are walking paths, a garden and a driveway. There is a no-maintenance vinyl privacy fence around 95% of the property, along with a new 300-foot granite wall with bluestone cap surrounding over half of the property. You will enjoy exceptional landscaping in your own park-like private city enclave. The yard has convenient electrical outlets ...

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Main Square in Lima Peru

Plaza de Armas de Lima or Plaza Mayor is the historical center of Lima. This is the original city center, founded in 1535, although almost all of the original structures were lost in the earthquake of 1746. The only original structure remaining in Lima's Plaza de Armas is the bronze fountain in the center, built in 1651. This main square was reconstructed following the quake and is today a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The oldest building in the Plaza de Armas is the Cathedral on the eastern side, which was rebuilt shortly after the earthquake. The square is also surrounded by the Archbishop's Palace, the Casa del Oidor, and the Palacio del Gobierno. (Description thanks to

Friday, September 10, 2010

Barrera- Lady Justice in Detail

The Lady Justice Bronze Sculpture by Gilbert E Barrera. This is an original composition for a lady justice figure worldwide since she was popular 800 BC to 100 BC. She is the only naturally exhibited Lady Justice in a public square in the United States and perhaps further. She was dedicated December 2008. She is on main plaza at the Bexar County Courthouse, downtown San Antonio, Texas. The sculptor Barrera was born a half mile away at Santa Rosa Hospital, and baptized one block away at San Fernando Cathedral, oldest Cathedral in the US Barrera's father Roy Barrera Sr. and brothers and cousins are lawyers at the courthouse. The sculptors name is credited a floor plaque at the foot of the sculpture and its fountain base of 1896.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Outdoor Fountains - Making Your Garden Serene and Relaxing

You can make your garden a lot more relaxing and a lot more serene with the addition of an outdoor water fountain. An outdoor fountain could easily transform an otherwise run of the mill garden into an elegant place of relaxation where you can feel calm and peaceful. You will be able to have your own piece of paradise with the right kind of outdoor fountain carefully positioned in the right area in your garden.

Your garden is more than just additional space for plants and greenery. It could be your own special place for your recreational activities. You can do exercises in your garden. You can do yoga there and you can also do your meditation. Or you can just laze in your garden and let the hassles of the day pass you by. Best of all, you can enjoy all of these things in your garden with the soothing and pacifying sound of flowing water with the aid of your own outdoor garden fountain.

There is nothing quite like an outdoor fountain to get you in the mood to relax or to get you in the right frame of mind to meditate and think about the most important things in your life. The soothing sound of water trickling down the fountain will help you forget about all the troubles that are dragging you down. It will let you clear your mind and compose your thoughts. You will be able to truly enjoy your garden and you will be able to fully take pleasure in the ambiance of your flowers and various plants.

When it comes to giving your garden a tranquil feel, there is nothing quite like an outdoor water fountain. Not only will it make your garden come alive with its alluring sound of flowing water, it will also make your garden extra appealing with its beautiful design and attractive statues. There are so many outdoor fountain designs to choose from. There is a unique and distinctive design to suit any taste in decoration you might have. One can easily find outdoor fountains that can give your garden a classical look if that would suit your liking. There are many outdoor fountains that feature cherubs and other renaissance designs that will surely fit well into a classical garden setting. There are also many designs that feature swans with gracefully outstretched wings that could neatly blend into your chosen garden setting.

If you want to give your garden a lavish look without having to spend a lot of your hard earned money, an outdoor fountain is the right way to go. You can get outdoor fountains made out of resin that beautifully resemble a cast bronze look that will instantly give your garden that magnificent appearance that you are looking for. These fountains are not only appealing and very enchanting to look at; they are also lightweight and very simple to set up. You can also opt for wall fountains instead of the larger floor models to save some valuable ground area which you could use for more of your garden plants.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Rosemead Gardens 1 - Home & Garden Network

Bring your design ideas to Rosemead Gardens today and see what 40 years of experience in landscape design can do for you. Rosemead Gardens has one of the largest selections of natural stone, marble, concrete, and bronze in S. California. Each piece is hand-selected by the owners, Landscape Architect Richard Liu and President of Rosemead Gardens Mary Liu. Richard likes to incorporate natural elements in his garden designs and has an eye for detail that only the most discerning clients will appreciate. Often times, Richard will still be unsatisfied with a project and continue to modify it to be perfect while the client is already very happy. Mary is an expert at helping clients pick out the right planters, statues, and fountains that will compliment their home's existing design elements and color tones and can also help with a variety of other projects. Please stop by today! We are conveniently located at: 600 S. San Gabriel Blvd. San Gabriel, CA 91776 P 626-285-6767 F 626-285-6733 E Hours: 10am - 5pm Wednesday - Monday Closed Tuesdays & Holidays ******As seen on the Home & Garden Network******

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


groceries In the mall's center court, there used to be a fountain with a large monarch butterfly statue atop a waterfall, which fell in short bursts so as to create an unusual sound. The shopping mall also had a running theme with its additional two smaller bronze fountains, one featuring a boy and his dog playing with a garden hose, and at the other end of the mall a girl pouring water out of a bucket into the fountain. The Boynton Beach Mall was renovated in 2001, and all three fountains were removed. However, the actual statue of the girl pouring water still remains at one end of the mall.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Feng Shui - The Metaphysical Home Inspection

Do you believe that your environment effects you? If your answer is yes, then how MUCH do you think your surroundings can contribute to any factor in your life? According to feng shui (pronounced: fung shway) practitioners, about 20-30% of your life's experiences can be attributed to your physical surroundings.

Our physical surroundings vibrate in a mysterious coded language or energy pattern which can affect people in very predictable ways. Chinese practitioners have documented in detail this natural phenomenon for thousands of years. Now Westerners are paying attention and using this feng shui knowledge to improve every aspect of life.

We have all seen certain businesses in our cities fail in spite of being in great locations and sleek architecture. We have all known of homes where whomever lives there is unhappy or struggling in some way. These structures possess an energy field which can be calculated, based on when they were built and what their precise compass alignment is. And this is the basis for the ancient natural earth science which has been popularly called feng shui.

People call on a feng shui practitioner for a variety of services which could fall under the definition of a "metaphysical home inspection." When looking at land to develop, or evaluating an existing residence or commercial property to lease or buy, the feng shui practitioner will use special criteria to grade the property in terms of how it will influence future or current occupants. Clients want to know how they can manipulate their interiors in such as way that it can influence their ability to make more money, be healthier, have more satisfying relationships, and feel a sense of peace and relaxation in their home or work space.

A comprehensive Feng Shui evaluation will include 6 major categories to consider:

1. Ying/Yang Theory: Usually, you do not want anything around you to be extreme because that is considered out of balance. A lot of this is common sense. For instance, if someone were to live in a chronically dark house with poor ventilation, they would get depressed and sick more often. A house that is facing a very busy, noisy street would be considered overly stimulated and make people inside irritable. A house that was completely isolated with no neighbors, or tucked into a canyon or mountainous area could encourage loneliness and detachment.

2. 5-Element Theory: The five elements are: water, wood, fire, earth, and metal. These elements can be used in a home, represented in rooms that need to be balanced when the "unseen" influences are undermining for the occupants. Water is best represented with real water. Wood is represented by a live plant or large green surface. Fire is best represented by a large object that is red in color (like a couch or drape.) Earth is represented by real earthen objects made of clay, brick, or stone. And metal is anything which is made from copper, brass, or bronze.

Learning where to place these elements and what kind of effect it will have, takes years of study. Just as one example, this year in 2009, the location of the North sector of a house will be very prone to accidents and arguments. Placing significant amounts of metal in this area, just for the year, will reduce these negative influences. If someone had an entrance in their North Sector and there already existed a big grandfather clock, then that would be enough moving metal to compensate.

3. 8-House Type Theory: There are eight basic house types, characterized by the direction in which they are oriented. The eight basic directions are North, South, East, West, Northwest, Southwest, Northeast, and Southeast. Even with identical floor plans, there will be major differences between a house which faces East verses one which faces West.

4. Time/Space Theory: Combining compass alignment with the age of the building will yield even more personal information about the personality of the house. As an example, a house which faces South and built in 1970 will be dramatically different from the same south facing house built in 1990. Time is a key factor in advanced feng shui.

5. Form School: This branch of feng shui refers to the aspect of our exterior, natural environment and how it may influence the house in question. You could have a good house ruined by its placement on a street, a hill, or proximity to other negative influences, like a cemetery or a pollution-generating commercial building. The "Form" also refers to the interior design of a space and how well or how poorly the air currents (ch'i) move through the space. As an example: slanted ceilings in a bedroom contribute to an uneven flow of ch'i in the room, which could result in sleep problems for the occupants.

6. Personal Compatibility: There are some subjective or personal components to feng shui. And Chinese astrology is practiced in conjunction with it. Classical practitioners may be referring to both a solar and a lunar calendar in order to figure out just how compatible a person is with their living space. Details include how to position a bed for the best sleep, a desk for highest productivity, an entrance direction for luck and creativity.

There are several reasons why feng shui has become so popular in the last few years amongst Westerners. Initially, wherever there has been a large population of Asians (like Southern California), Westerners will be exposed to feng shui through Asian friends and business partners, who naturally incorporate this into their lifestyle. I have been a guest at many real estate offices in Southern California, to help explain to realtors what their prospective buyers are looking for and why they want to use feng shui to enhance their lives.

With 80% of all Americans being open-minded to trying alternative healing modalities, interest in feng shui is just an extension of that. People want to get back to a natural lifestyle and find any good method to de-stress themselves that is not too strenuous or require that we radically alter our habits.

The New Age community has eaten feng shui up with so much enthusiasm, that the mass-marketing of it has clearly gone wild-- with the appearance of "feng shui" candles, cookbooks, make-up, travel-kits, jewelry, pillows, even a board game! While none of these items are actual remedies for the home, entrepreneurs are capitalizing on the concept of balance and positive reinforcement. Strictly speaking, the practice of feng shui is about how the environment, structures, and interiors affect us and the methods we can use to improve any given situation and ultimately, the quality of life.

Sunday, September 5, 2010


4 flying ducks bronze fountain. Inv# 15-00884

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Redecorate Your Living Room Today

Fall is a wonderful time of year.  For many of us it means the cold winter is coming so really, it is the last months to enjoy the weather before the snow and cold set in.  For many people, the fall and winter months can be a gloomy time, simply because of the darker days and nights and the lack of sun.  This year, why not do some redecorating in your home that can make it a place you will enjoy each and every day? 

Let's start with the living room.  Other than our bedrooms for sleeping, the living room is not only the place you spend the most time but also the place you always want to look clean, beautiful and in tip top shape for those unexpected guests or Holiday parties you may have coming up.  Lets face it, we know it always makes us happy and brings a little smile on our face when we get something new or can create a whole new look in our home that brings a welcome change right? 

Have you ever thought about an indoor waterfall?  Not only will it add beauty to your living areas, it will also bring nature indoors with the soothing sounds of water.  You have many options when it comes to water fountains in your home.  For example,  you could add a small tabletop for a whole new look to an end table, a wall fountain instantly adds a new art piece to your walls, or a floor standing fountain can fit perfectly in that corner that looks like it needs something. 

Let us explore the indoor floor fountain concept for a minute.  Floor water fountains come in all shapes, sizes and materials.  Whether the space is large or small,  you will find a fountain that will fit perfectly and one  your budget will allow.  Slate and glass are very common for the face material of indoor waterfalls.  You will be amazed at how the sound of water flowing down the entire face of the fountain will relax and soothe you every day!  If you have a contemporary style, try a stainless steel framed fountain with a glass or mirrored face.  Do you want to create more of a warm, natural look?  A copper or bronze frame for your floor fountain will help with this and help bring the nature look into your home. 

Friday, September 3, 2010

Feng Shui of the HSBC Headquarters Building in Hong Kong

HSBC as we all know is one of the biggest banks in the world and when one is in Hong Kong, it is hard not to notice the headquarters in located Central Hong Kong. The headquarters was completed in 1985 costing roughly $5 billion USD and ever since then, it has undergone renovations many times throughout different segments of the building. From a Feng Shui standpoint, the headquarters is situated in a prime spot in Hong Kong facing the harbour allowing it to prosper. From the mountain looking down towards the harbour of Hong Kong, one can see 5 main roads flowing down where the longest road leads right by HSBC. By using Google maps, you can see that Garden Road is the longest road leading towards the harbour. The 5 main roads are like the veins of a Dragon. For HSBC, their property is located near the longest vein in the flow of energy. Most people or businesses would prosper if they are located near the end of the vein, but most importantly, the interior form must also adhere to proper Feng Shui standards in order to lead to prosperity.

In Feng Shui, having good exterior form is of utmost importance since the natural environment is almost impossible to change. The location of HSBC is an example of an area where the natural environment can make it easier to bring about prosperity and good health. Unfortunately for the building itself, with its modern and sleek design has major drawbacks to what is a near perfect location in Hong Kong. To begin with, the amount of renovations that the building has undergone leads to many leakages of 'Chi'. With all the renovations, holes and gaps are created in and outside the building where the energy cannot maintain a long term constant flow. It is like having a roof with holes all over the top where you are trying to plug one hole and another hole suddenly manifests itself; as a result, you are constantly trying to patch a leaky roof without fixing it completely. During its renovations, a construction worker fell off the building and died on the road leaving a black mark to the untainted Dragon vein. The road is left with 'shar chi'.

If one looks at the building, the steel pipes and support structures are shown on the outside. The building does not look like a normal office building; it looks like a manufacturing plant which is in disharmony with its surroundings of modern high-rises. In addition, the building leans more towards the right which can result in people inside the building leaning towards a more bias views when dealing with difficult situations and decision making. Management in the building could behave in such a way that is unfair to his or her subordinates. The daily operations within the bank could get really messy and disorganized.

As one approaches the entrance of the building, reflective giant mirrors can be seen on the top directing the sunlight right down to the Ming Tang on the main floor. (Ming Tang is where the energy collects near the entrance or at the entrance.) Right in the entrance, you will be able to see a glass-top ceiling acting as an energy filtration system where it is utilized to concentrate the energy or light in the main floor. The problem with the main entrance is that the energy cannot be contained due to the 'open space' concept where the energy travels directly right through one side of the building to the other.

Moving to the back of the building, there are two bronze lions sitting there and some see it as a preventative measure against 'shar chi'. After a walk around the building, it isn't hard to notice that the back to the front is uneven. There is also a wave-like pattern from the back to the front. Imagine holding up the palm of your hands and pouring sand on it, obviously, the sand would leak. That is what the wave pattern is depicting, but for the building's case, it is 'leaking money'.

Last but not least, when looking into the main entrance or atrium, there are two escalators placed in a perfect scissors form going to the second floor. It also looks like two knives cutting right through the heart of the structure from underneath it.

The exterior form in Feng Shui is always the first priority when looking for a property; with the proper form, it is very important to use good Feng Shui standards in designing both the exterior and the interior of the building to take advantage of the natural environment. Although the location of HSBC's headquarters in Hong Kong commands a superb location overlooking the harbour, the structure and building needs a second look.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

About the Conservation of the Fountain of Time

Bartek Dajnowski is the son of Andrzej Dajnowski, a conservator who worked on the Fountain of Time for 15 years. He takes us on a quick tour of the Fountain. Help us protect the fountain from further vandalism by voting for it at, so that we can light it and keep it safe at night. For more information, visit

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Decorate Your Home With Large Metal Wall Art

Large metal wall art is a unique type of decoration, in that it's both modern and classic. Perfect for any space, modern wall decor sculpture is a superb decorative touch for home and business. Abstract metal art makes a excellent accessory for trendy offices, outdoor parks, town residences and more. Outdoor art will form the bases of a fountain or produce the illusion of special separation without a real wall. Whether in a building or the good outdoors, the ability of wall decor sculpture to outline a space is unparalleled.

Large Metal Art Decorates with Class

The colour variety in these art is almost unlimited. From silver to bronze, gold tones to antique finishes, there's a metal or painted finish to meet any decorating challenge. Such giant wall hangings will adorn a traditional family space, Victorian living area, even a library or office space. Significantly this art will build an excellent statement above the fireplace mantel, particularly when designed with ornately woven designs that compliment the rest of the area's decor.

Strategic use of outdoor metal art will add magnificence to outdoor spaces as well. Iron large metal wall hangings; in specific, makes a beautiful ancient addition to a screened lanai or patio. Outdoor metal art can even be hung against a backdrop of bricks for a distinctive fountain style, or suspended from an archway or gazebo for a stunning window effect.

Using Giant Metal Wall Art to Create Edginess

The more trendy and eclectic decorator will use large wall hangings as an wonderful way to bring the outdoors in and the indoors out. For example, wrought iron is usually associated with exterior gates and garden fences. By bringing such a piece of outdoor art into the house a area is instantly brightened with previous world garden charm. Similarly, a vibrantly painted piece of contemporary metal wall art, the likes that one might typically associate with a family room or bedroom can be a surprising addition to a gazebo, screened porch or outside kitchen. By mixing it up and avoiding the mundane, this will produce a unique look in any room, in any home.

The utilization of this will also help to bring a bit of caprice and individuality to a room. Significantly effective when juxtaposed against a more ancient decorating theme, this will be a welcome bit of style and facilitate to inject something different into what may otherwise be predictable.

The Unparalleled Style of Large Metal Designs

Whether the house is small or giant, traditional or modern, large wall hangings can create a statement beyond what any photograph or painting can accomplish. From the crisp color of contemporary arts to the aged patina of copper outdoor decor sculpture, for impact, style and beauty, nothing beats large metal wall arts.