Sunday, April 10, 2011

"Bologna and the Beach" Giulianat's photos about Bologna, Italy

A TripAdvisor™ TripWow slideshow of a travel blog to Bologna, Italy by TravelPod blogger Giulianat titled "Bologna and the Beach" Giulianat's travel blog entry: "So I am settling in quite nicely in Rimini, that's not to say that I never have problems but I am relaxing into the Italian way of life. The main problem I am having at the moment is trying to get something called a "permmesso di soggiorno" in English a "residence permit" from a local police station. I was supposed to go and get this within 8 working days from the date I entered Italy. Evidently I have gone over that time but here's why: My cousins girlfriend has been helping me go to the police station and speak with the policemen so I can get the residence permit. The first time we went (this was after only 6 working days), the policeman told us to come back another day and in the meantime gave me his number on a piece of paper and said to call him to go out for a coffee. Needless to say I chucked that in the bin - he appeared to be obsessed with finding an Australian girlfriend (so if anyone's looking give me a hoy! - no not really he was a few screws loose I think). Anyway we came back on the day he said and another policeman said that it was the wrong day and to come back another day and that we had to queue up at another department building. We did this yesterday, and waited two hours before opening (in a queue of about 60 people) until a woman came out just after it had opened and told everyone that they ...

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